Log Book Warranty Services

Log Book Warranty Services

Our team can perform all log book warranty services without voiding manufactures warranty. We use only high quality fluids, oils and after-market service parts, which comply with your vehicles statutory warranty. Compare our log book and general servicing costs today, and request a FREE written quote for your next scheduled service.

Our services include:

    • Engine Oil Renewal
    • Engine Oil Filter Replacement
    • Air, Cabin & Fuel Filter Inspection or Replacement
    • Trans & Diff Oil  Inspection or Renewal
    • Engine Coolant Inspection or Renewal
    • Power Steering Fluid Inspection or Renewal
    • Brake & Clutch System Inspection
    • Drive Belt Inspection
    • Engine Inspection
    • Timing Belt Inspection – if required
    • Suspension and Steering Inspection
    • C.V Shafts Inspection
    • Instrument Operation Test
    • Full Mechanical & Safety Report


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