Log Book Warranty Services

Log Book Warranty Services

Our team can perform all log book warranty services without voiding your manufacture’s warranty. We use only high quality fluids, oils and after-market service parts, which comply with your vehicles statutory warranty. Compare our log book and general servicing costs today, and request a FREE written quote for your vehicles next scheduled service.

Our services include:

    • Engine Oil Renewal
    • Engine Oil Filter Replacement
    • Air, Cabin & Fuel Filter Inspection or Replacement
    • Trans & Diff Oil  Inspection or Renewal
    • Engine Coolant Inspection or Renewal
    • Power Steering Fluid Inspection or Renewal
    • Brake & Clutch System Inspection
    • Drive Belt Inspection
    • Engine Inspection
    • Timing Belt Inspection – if required
    • Suspension and Steering Inspection
    • C.V Shafts Inspection
    • Instrument Operation Test
    • Battery Testing
    • Full Mechanical & Safety Report
    • Service Indicator Re-set


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