Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Stopping power is of the utmost importance for any vehicle and of course, to get them moving, you need a working clutch. Since 1973 we recognised the need to carry a full inventory of spare parts for Brakes and Clutches not only for cars but for trucks, trailers, caravans, and RV’s.  We also stock a good range of specialist parts but if your requirements are unique, we will do whatever it takes to find you the part you are looking for. We are proud to say ‘if we can’t find it …. Nobody can.’ Our spare parts catalogue includes branded products plus access to a full range of aftermarket suppliers of which we carry the more popular items in stock. This allows us to have the parts available immediately for any model to keep you safe on the roads.

We also stock a large range of Brembo Brake products for both trade and direct-to-customer sales.

Our range includes;


A large range of new and exchange boosters are available  plus we offer a reconditioning service to rejuvenate those older hard to get boosters.

Brake Fittings Hardware

If it belongs to either the clutch operation or the brake system we have it. From the tube nuts that screw into the master cylinder to those little bleeders on your calipers,

•   Brake Pipe in 3/16”,1/4”,5/16”and 3/8” sizes
•   Tube and Flare Nuts
•   Bleeder Screws
•   Springs
•   Copper Washers
•   T-Pieces
•   Clips and Retainers
•   Banjo Unions and Bolts
•   Pad Sensors

Complete clutch kits and individual components are available and include:

•   Clutch Kits
•   Spigot Bearings
• Rear main seals
•   Release Bearings
•   Master and Slave cylinders
•   Cylinder Repair Kits

Our aftermarket range of hydraulic braking components includes:

•   Brake Caliper rebuilding
•   Calliper Repair Kits
•   Master Cylinders
•   Slave Cylinders
•   Wheel Cylinders
•   Cylinder Repair Kits
•   Rubber and Braided Brake and Clutch Hoses made to order
•   Brake Fluid
•   Calliper Assembly Fluid
•   Rubber Grease
•   Disc pads
•   Bonded brake shoe sets

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